Gobi Paratha

15 Jan

This one came out quite well frankly. We made it in a different way than usual. Of course my inspiration, as almost always was the recipe on the site of the greatest cooking website in the world.

Here’s a few tips I would like to add too:

1. The cauliflower mixture should be cooked and ready to eat as it is before you stuff it into the roti balls.

2. Take big balls of flour when you are stuffing vegetable in. If you don’t you cannot roll it out and it will break.

3. Seal the ball well. Again, this will not be possible if you do not do Step 2 properly.

4. Roll gently else it will break and the mixture will spill out.

That’s all really, and for the rest just follow what she says 🙂 – it works perfectly.



Tomato Black Bean Rice

15 Jan

This one is a simple recipe that I got from Vegetarian times. If there’s not too many veggies at home, this one is a good recipe to try.

  1. Cook some rice in a pressure cooker.
  2. Cook some red/black beans as well – try to cook them so their structure still stays intact after cooking and the beans do not become too soft.
  3. Stir Fry some tomatoes, chillies and onions. Add some salt, chilly powder, cumin and black pepper to this.
  4. Mix everything together and squeeze some lime over the mixture.
  5. Garnish with cilantro if you’d like to.

The salt’s key in this one because otherwise it tastes too flat – as I found out to my detriment 🙂


15 Jan

Placeholder post. I’ve lost the link I used to make this so I’ll update this post when I find that link :). I did make it though and it came out quite well.

Aval Potato Mixture

15 Jan

Had to make something sweet and something salty for some festival since my wife believes in all that ;). Since I was a little busy I just picked something really easy to make in some time and found a simple recipe here.

There were some things that weren’t that cool I thought which I list here:

  • Its best to dry the potato pieces before putting it into oil to fry it, else it sticks to each other. It still tastes good but you get the potato in chunks instead of evenly spread around the mixture.
  • Also the aval needlessly got deep fried, I could have just used a little oil to fry it instead. Some of it got burnt too – although that was just my own incompetence 🙂

It does last, just store it in an airtight container so the moisture doesn’t get in and dampen it.

Alu Baingan

7 Apr

This one is really straight forward. All the usual dry masalas – Salt, chilly powder, turmeric, corriander powder and some cumin fried – mixed with some small cut potato. Little oil, stir fry the potato till 3/4 cooked (push and see if the surface breaks but the inner part of the potato still resists). Add the brinjal (chopped small) to it. Cook till both are fully cooked. Looks really nice.

Remember though, to keep adding a little water till the potato is 3/4 cooked, potatoes do not have much water in them and will stick to the pan, if you do not add water :).

3 ingredient cookies

5 Apr

One more from this site. It came out quite well, but it wasn’t as crispy as I’d hoped, even though I kept it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Not sure if that’s how it is supposed to be. Tastes good though.

Baingan Bharta/Mashed Eggplant

27 Mar

Eggplant is the next vegetable after Okra that I am looking to learn all the different ways to cook it in. The only way I’ve usually made it in the past is stir fry it with dry potato – coz I love potatoes :). Once I tried making a simple salad too, and that came out okay as well but I do love my Indian spices, so tried cooking Baingan Bharta instead. Of course I followed the recipe of the best chef in the world ;).

The only modifications I made were to add onion right after the cumin was fried, and fry some capsicum with the onion – instead of the peas (since I didn’t have any). 7 minutes of keeping the brinjal in the microwave is perfect – it makes it super super soft. Just make sure you let it cool down before you peel it.

It tasted really really good. The only thing I’d have changed was to turn the stove off before the chopped tomatoes lost shape and became a thin vertical strand (some of the pieces anyway). That apart though, I strongly encourage you to try it – you may even start liking eggplant like me.