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Matar Nimona

5 Feb

Tried something new this time from my favorite website, and it came out quite well.

I didn’t deep fry the potatoes but just stir fried them with a little oil. The thing with this though is that they get stuck and you have to keep adding a bit of water and poking them clear. As things turned out, they could have been cooked a little bit more.

That apart, it was quite cool having the peas as the main ingredient instead of a side ingredient as usual. Also, peas make the dish a bit sweet so make sure you add the other spices to balance things out.


Hot and Sour Soup

4 Feb

The wife was still sick so my quest for finding newer soups that would be easily digestable continued. This time I just asked her what she’d like to eat and she said Hot and Sour soup would be nice. I’m always happy to find something new to cook so I started looking it up. As it turns out, it wasn’t that hard at all, thanks to this recipe – just chopping up all the vegetables took a bit of time.

I did make some replacements though:

  • I didn’t have cabbage so used Brussel sprouts instead
  • All purpose flour (a bit too much as it turns out) instead of corn flour, as it just needed to be a thickening agent.
  • Red chilly powder instead of chilly sauce – I try to not buy all this preservative heavy stuff if I can avoid it and just use a simple replacement.
  • Lemon juice instead of vinegar for the sourness

It did come out very well but…

  • The colour turned a dull white instead of being clear thanks to too much all purpose flour
  • I slightly overcooked the vegetables so they weren’t as crunchy as they should have been
  • The lemon juice wasn’t enough, it needed to be a bit more sour as per the resident hot and sour soup expert. (Clue: it’s not me :))

That apart though, it was all good – and I encourage you to try it out if you’re bored of cooking the same soups again and again.

Moong Dal Palak

4 Feb

The wife was sick and I was looking for something simple, easy to digest and nutritious to make with the vegetables I had. Since I had some spinach and moong dal, the next step of course was to look up the easiest way to make it on my favorite website for Indian cooking.

I followed the recipe quite similarly – the moong dal does swell up in size if you keep it in water for the half an hour, which was interesting – I never knew it’d swell that much :).

I didn’t use Ghee though, just oil throughout the recipe and also added a little bit of Garlic paste in the end, just because we both love garlic. It smelt great and tasted great too. Remember to be liberal with the spinach, and it is okay if you add a little too much of it – it’s what makes the dish great.

Also, adjust the amount of water you need depending on how thick or thin you want it.

Creamy Cauliflower soup

4 Feb

I’m trying to learn as many soups as possible these days and experiment in the kitchen some more. This one was a simple, yet very tasty soup if you ask me.

Really, I followed the recipe as it was on that link, replacing chicken stock with vegetable stock. The only other thing I’d change a little was to make it a bit thinner than it came out.

The thick soup was great and very tasty – but also quite heavy. Soup that thick is better as a gravy base for some vegetable dish. To drink it as an appetizer, it needs to be a little thinner. So either add some more vegetable stock or water to the soup while cooking.

Carrot Orange Soup

4 Feb

I stumbled on this recipe in a cook book in the library and it looked interesting so I looked it up online and tried making it. It came out quite well, but I ended up blending an orange with the carrot and that didn’t give the soup any citrusy flavor. So the soup itself, while it was okay I guess – wasn’t anywhere near what the title suggested.

So make sure, that once your carrot soup as on the link above is made – you add orange juice bit by bit, until your taste buds are happy and it smells the way you want 🙂

Roasted vegetables

16 Jan

Wow. This tastes amazing. Just put a lot of vegetables, chopped into similar sized pieces and roast them in an oven. There are a few simple things to remember though:

  1. Group the vegetables based on the approximate time to cook. Potatoes, carrots, Squash type veggies take longer to cook so put them in first.
  2. Broccoli, Cauliflower and Brussels sprouts are in the next group
  3. Green beans and other thin veggies are in another group
  4. Tomatoes take the least time, specially if you chop them reasonably small. They taste unbelievable though after roasting if you do it right

We just used olive oil to toss the veggies in and some chilly flakes as seasoning. Lastly to make the meal a little heavier, we can add some rice to it (don’t cook it fully – do it maybe 90%?) and then just toss it all around with the veggies.

If you like other spices feel free to add them after this. This is one recipe where you should Google time to cook veggies each time you roast if the veggies are different.

Also, don’t cram the pan full – use 2 pans – it cooks things better. Here’s a nice reference link I found.

Achari Kaddu

16 Jan

This one was a really nice recipe – we used Squash from the store instead of pumpkin and didn’t have any mango powder. No credit at all for this one, nothing changed from the original recipe.