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Alu Baingan

7 Apr

This one is really straight forward. All the usual dry masalas – Salt, chilly powder, turmeric, corriander powder and some cumin fried – mixed with some small cut potato. Little oil, stir fry the potato till 3/4 cooked (push and see if the surface breaks but the inner part of the potato still resists). Add the brinjal (chopped small) to it. Cook till both are fully cooked. Looks really nice.

Remember though, to keep adding a little water till the potato is 3/4 cooked, potatoes do not have much water in them and will stick to the pan, if you do not add water :).


3 ingredient cookies

5 Apr

One more from this site. It came out quite well, but it wasn’t as crispy as I’d hoped, even though I kept it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Not sure if that’s how it is supposed to be. Tastes good though.