Baingan Bharta/Mashed Eggplant

27 Mar

Eggplant is the next vegetable after Okra that I am looking to learn all the different ways to cook it in. The only way I’ve usually made it in the past is stir fry it with dry potato – coz I love potatoes :). Once I tried making a simple salad too, and that came out okay as well but I do love my Indian spices, so tried cooking Baingan Bharta instead. Of course I followed the recipe of the best chef in the world ;).

The only modifications I made were to add onion right after the cumin was fried, and fry some capsicum with the onion – instead of the peas (since I didn’t have any). 7 minutes of keeping the brinjal in the microwave is perfect – it makes it super super soft. Just make sure you let it cool down before you peel it.

It tasted really really good. The only thing I’d have changed was to turn the stove off before the chopped tomatoes lost shape and became a thin vertical strand (some of the pieces anyway). That apart though, I strongly encourage you to try it – you may even start liking eggplant like me.


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