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Rava Idli

26 Feb

I’ve made Rava Idli many times before but always used curd. But as mentioned here, I’m trying to reduce dairy as much as possible in my diet all the time, without giving up on the foods I love.

So I found this page and it worked just great. I used walnuts instead of cashewnuts and didn’t use lime or ENO at the end. But that apart, I just followed the recipe end to end. And it tasted great. All credit to the original creator 🙂

The only small problem here was that there was no binding agent, and hence the idlis despite being cooked – came apart a bit too easily. Maybe I should have kept it in the cooker a bit more or maybe add a little gram flour the next time?

Anyway, worked out great – next time I’ll try adding some non-dairy yoghurt instead?


Zucchini Bread

13 Feb

Straight up copy from this –

It is in the oven now – hopefully it comes out well.

More Bhindi recipes

13 Feb

I’ve been learning to cook Okra/Ladyfinger/Bhindi in different ways these days. They’ve all come out OK. Nothing great. Here’s my list:

  • Dry Alu Bhindi
  • Besan (Gram flour) wali Bhindi
  • Bhindi Masala
  • Bhindi raita

The dry Alu one came out quite well and I blogged about that previously. The next 2 are very very similar, except that you end up using roasted gram flour as a topping, coating each Okra. Mildly different taste.

The Bhindi masala one is quite similar too, except that I stir fried a little onion and tomato and then added the Bhindi to it. Came out okay I guess, but it was too dry – the “masala” recipes should usually be a little damp. Maybe next time.

The Raita is a great side dish, it is very very simple too – soaking precooked Bhindi in your yoghurt of choice – I used cashew based Forrager yoghurt -it came out really well. Obviously these days I’m making a big push towards going fully vegan, at least in the USA (where dairy is a terrible industry) so I’d use non-dairy milk instead.