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A delicious salad

3 Jan

There isn’t a name for this one but I decided to experiment a little in the kitchen with a lot of vegetables that I had bits of which remaining. Here’s what I did:

  • Boiled some chopped (small squarish chunks) of sweet potato, green peas and baby corn
  • Chopped up small pieces of green onion, 1 tomato and some parsley mixed together
  • Mixed the 2 together
  • Crumbled up all the remaining tofu and sprinkled on top of salad
  • Melted some vegan Gouda cheese in the microwave and added to it. I did 30 seconds at full power, but 15 seconds is probably enough. It started smoking inside the microwave.
  • Added 2 cups (lid of the oil bottle :)) of canola oil. Maybe I should get a small jar of olive oil once I move to a nicer apartment some time.
  • 2 avocados chopped up.
  • Salt, pepper and chilly flakes to season
  • Lemon juice to further season, but it hardly showed up. Maybe vinegar next time

Tasted quite nice, if you ask me – I need to master the addition of the exact amount of spice though, so you get all the flavours.

I mean, my food usually tastes good but I wish I got all the flavours through every time.