Eggplant Bell Pepper salad

24 Dec

This one is another from the Veg Times book which is making me experiment a lot these days. This one was a simple one though.

Roast chopped up Eggplant for 30 minutes at around 400 F. Generally, don’t fuss too much about the temperature when you roast – just know when something is changing colour, it is usually close to being cooked. A good way to know this is to always cook something on a stove top where it is much easier to figure things out. Then you can switch on an oven light and look in, without opening the oven – to check colour change. Each time you open the door, the temperature drops by 25F ..ish… and will take longer to cook. So keep that to a minimum.

Roast red bell peppers till they are black on all sides, with tinges of red still showing. Mix both. Cook some rice separately, mix the above with the rice.

Separately, chop up some green onions, garlic, parsley and add that too. Mix and toss well. Add lemon juice, salt, pepper and any other sauce that you like. Enjoy.

This was a ‘grill’ recipe as per the book, but I don’t have a grill, so er… I roasted it instead. Always remember, while you might get unique flavors while cooking a certain way – it is almost always possible to cook the same dish in a different way. The time and heat might vary, but technically it is always possible.

So if you *want* to definitely eat a certain dish, but don’t have an oven, steam cook it, if you don’t have a cooker, consider frying it, if don’t want oil or butter stir fry it. And so on. Keep thinking 🙂


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