Zucchini and Sweet Pea soup

20 Nov

This one was another great recipe from Vegetarian Times. That magazine subscription has been so worth it :).

Chop some onions up and lightly fry them till they brown up. Add some sliced Zucchini to it and keep turning it around in the pan, till the Zucchini shrinks and becomes softer. Add some vegetable stock and some green peas to it. Boil it all at medium heat till the flavours spread across all the vegetables. Take it off the stove and let it cool.

Add some mint leaves to this mixture and let it sit for a while so the mint flavours are absorbed. I just used some of the sauce I used in this recipe that I had left over and it worked really well.

Add a little salt and pepper to it and blend the whole mixture after it has cooled down. Don’t use the mixer when things are very hot, the mixer just produces more heat and if the temperature rises beyond a limit – bad things might happen to the equipment or you ;).

That’s it. Add a little water to adjust the consistency to the level that you’d like. Serve and eat. It was really delicious, so I do recommend you give it a try.


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