Green bean and red potato salad

6 Nov

The only thing different in this one was the sauce that was used. That apart it was just cooking green beans and red potato for a while till they were cooked, but still crunchy. I messed that up by pressure cooking for a single whistle, directly in the water – which made them all soft. Not squishy but softer than needed. So remember, if you want things crunchy, just boil it in an open vessel – don’t pressure cook it.

The sauce, pesto sauce, was kinda cool though – something I hadn’t ever made. It was a mixture of some roasted walnuts (few minutes), some parsley, a little less mint, a little ginger garlic paste and a little lemon (replaced with dissolved citric acid) and some salt. Grind everything to a thickish paste and then pour however much on the potatoes and beans as you like. Be careful with the citric acid though, its quite sour and if you overdo it – it makes the whole salad more sour than usual. That’s what happened with me :/

Anyway, its a different sauce and its always nice to make something new these days. Hopefully you have better luck making this. If you use green and yellow beans (like in the magazine picture) it gives the whole salad some lovely colour. Try that out.



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