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Zucchini and Sweet Pea soup

20 Nov

This one was another great recipe from Vegetarian Times. That magazine subscription has been so worth it :).

Chop some onions up and lightly fry them till they brown up. Add some sliced Zucchini to it and keep turning it around in the pan, till the Zucchini shrinks and becomes softer. Add some vegetable stock and some green peas to it. Boil it all at medium heat till the flavours spread across all the vegetables. Take it off the stove and let it cool.

Add some mint leaves to this mixture and let it sit for a while so the mint flavours are absorbed. I just used some of the sauce I used in this recipe that I had left over and it worked really well.

Add a little salt and pepper to it and blend the whole mixture after it has cooled down. Don’t use the mixer when things are very hot, the mixer just produces more heat and if the temperature rises beyond a limit – bad things might happen to the equipment or you ;).

That’s it. Add a little water to adjust the consistency to the level that you’d like. Serve and eat. It was really delicious, so I do recommend you give it a try.


Broccoli, Garlic bread-crumbs and Pasta

20 Nov

Very simple recipe here really. Roasted a little garlic in a little oil, roasted Brocolli florets in an oven for about 20 minutes and mixed the 2 together. Added a little black and red pepper to the pasta, some of my olive butter, some additional walnuts and mixed all of it up. Tastes quite good.

The recipe also said to add breadcrumbs. I microwaved a few slices of bread till they were really crisp and crumbled them up into bread crumbs and sprinkled them over the pasta. So if you have breadcrumbs, definitely use them.

A mistake I made though with the breadcrumbs was to over toast the bread which made it black, and hence make all the bread crumbs really bitter. I had to throw out most of it. So if you do use a microwave to do this, check every minute or even a little lesser – if the bread is getting burnt. Other alternatives to this are to buy ready-made bread crumbs, or toast the bread on a pan on a stove top, that lets you see it browning. Crush the bread in a zip lock bag or any other method that will ensure the crumbs do not fall out.

Make sure though that you cook the pasta properly and its very soft, I undercooked mine just a little which meant that it wasn’t as tender as I’d like it to be.

Olive flavoured butter

20 Nov

So in my quest to being as vegan as I can, I stopped buying milk butter and buying stuff from companies such as Earth Balance who use oil to create a  butter substitute – it tastes quite good to be frank and I don’t realize that it is not actual butter.

The veg times magazine though, had an interesting recipe. Here they advised to chop up some olives, walnuts, a couple of garlic cloves, black pepper and a little rosemary and grind it all up into small pieces. Once that was done we were to mix it with the butter and freeze it all up again and use that instead.

I tried it out and can confirm it tastes really good. The only mistake I made was to use the mixer to try and mix the butter up. That’s useless and all that happened was the butter getting stuck to the sides of the mixer and smearing itself everywhere :/

The better way is to use the mixer only to chop things up and do all the mixing by hand in a bowl instead. Do try this out next time you’re thinking of using butter for your sandwiches or elsewhere. If you don’t like the ingredients above, substitute your own 🙂

Green bean and red potato salad

6 Nov

The only thing different in this one was the sauce that was used. That apart it was just cooking green beans and red potato for a while till they were cooked, but still crunchy. I messed that up by pressure cooking for a single whistle, directly in the water – which made them all soft. Not squishy but softer than needed. So remember, if you want things crunchy, just boil it in an open vessel – don’t pressure cook it.

The sauce, pesto sauce, was kinda cool though – something I hadn’t ever made. It was a mixture of some roasted walnuts (few minutes), some parsley, a little less mint, a little ginger garlic paste and a little lemon (replaced with dissolved citric acid) and some salt. Grind everything to a thickish paste and then pour however much on the potatoes and beans as you like. Be careful with the citric acid though, its quite sour and if you overdo it – it makes the whole salad more sour than usual. That’s what happened with me :/

Anyway, its a different sauce and its always nice to make something new these days. Hopefully you have better luck making this. If you use green and yellow beans (like in the magazine picture) it gives the whole salad some lovely colour. Try that out.