Tuscan tomato and bread salad

30 Oct

I got a subscription from Vegetarian times and hence a magazine subscription. That has tons of vegetarian recipes. So I decided to just make all of them (which didn’t have egg) one by one. I can cook Indian food fairly well now, so I thought this was a nice opportunity to learn to cook something new.

Anyway this was a very simple salad, that came out quite well. It had 2 tomatoes, half a cucumber, a little onion, a few leaves of basil and some black olives (recipe said green) tossed into it. I baked some French bread that I’d bought earlier in the oven, till it was crisp and tossed that in as well. Fried some garlic in a spoonful of oil and added that. To add a little sourness to the whole thing, I dissolved some citric acid in water and added that to the mixture. Some salt and black pepper and mixed all of it nicely.

Let it sit for about an hour so the flavours spread nicely. You’re free to add whatever spices you want of course. So let your imagination run wild 🙂

This wasn’t anything new of course, but the addition of baked crisp bread to this does make it a great, balanced meal by itself where you get your carbohydrates via the bread – unlike a salad which you don’t get any carbs, and hence limited energy from.

To make this even more balanced, you could lightly grill some tofu or tempeh or cheese and sprinkle it over the salad. That also gives you your protein.


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