Kale Walnut Cheese Salad

28 Sep

Okay so I promise now, I’m going to start trying newer things and start updating this again – since I’ve decided to stop all the junk food I was needlessly consuming these days. I mean, it wasn’t a lot – but if you keep buying bags of chips, its always there and you don’t feel like making anything new. So I’m done, no more buying junk food. If I want to eat it, I’m going to make it myself šŸ™‚

So lets start with a really simple recipe. The other day I bought some Kale instead of Spinach as usual since it is apparently really healthy.

A simple recipe ensued. Take a few kale leaves and keep them aside. This should basically be the size of your serving or in other words, however much you want to eat at that point.

Take some walnuts, chop them up into halves if they aren’t already small in size or halved. Add a little oil to a pan or a bowl, add a tiny bit of salt to the bowl and mix it up. Add the walnuts to it, mix well. Microwave the walnuts for 30 seconds or lightly roast (low heat) for 2 minutes or so. Don’t over do it and blacken/burn the walnuts.

Grate a little cheese, I use a vegan cheese but you can use anything and sprinkle over the walnuts. Mix well.

Mix all of this with the kale that you had set aside. Mix it well, so that the kale leaves are a tiny bit oily. A little red pepper on top, if you want but that’s it.

It seems really simple, but its a nice combination and a very healthy snack.


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