Gobi Corn Masala

22 May

This one was inspired by this recipe here. It came out really really well, and I actually loved it. That’s rare. I mean, most of my cooking is okay, not wonderful.. but this one came out really nicely.

The best way to cook this is to follow what the lady in the video does (of whom I am a massive massive fan :)). There’s a few tweaks I made though.

I didn’t have peas but had a lot of frozen corn instead. Since the texture of peas and corn is very similar, I just substituted corn for peas. So if you don’t like corn, stick to frozen peas like the original recipe suggests. I do think its useful to know substitutes though, that way you can use what you have at home without running to the market.

Also I still haven’t bought my whole cumin seeds, so have to use the ground cumin-pepper powder that Mom gave me when I went home earlier this year.

I never use a lot of oil/ghee to be honest, but I used a little more than I normally use, just to see the powder actually separate from the oil before adding the vegetables to the gravy.

Also, didn’t have corriander to garnish it at the end, so skipped that. Really nice veggie though, ate it with rice in the night and ate up the vegetable as it is, which I’m not a big fan of … unless I have to 🙂

Do make this sometime.


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