Alu Simla

18 May

Back posting after a loooooongg time and the plan is to start cooking new things again, since I seem to have started to enjoy cooking again these days :). Of course, I’ve been cooking all this time I didn’t post – but it was all the old stuff that I already know how to make.

The aim now is to search for things that people have made, that I also like and try and make those. My primary channel for reference is that of a very simple kind-sounding aunty here. Last week, I made Alu – Simla, which turned out quite well. Of course, I tweaked the recipe as usual so I could do things more easily.

Largely I followed this recipe, but here were a few things I changed to save time and er coz I didn’t have some of the ingredients… πŸ˜‰

Frying the potatoes takes way way too long. So I boiled them in hot water instead for a few minutes to soften them, drained the water and then threw them into a frying pan. Of course, I accidentally kept it for a bit too long and the potatoes hence got too soft. So take those out a bit soon, it’ll be tastier.

The chopped tomatoes also stayed a bit too long in the pan, and became a little stringy.. which I don’t like. So the moment you see tomatoes starting to lose their shape, turn the gas off.

Also, since I didn’t have coriander but parsley instead, I used that for garnishing. This was a terrible experiment, since parsley doesn’t necessarily go very well with Indian cooking as it turns out, and the taste is too distinct.. and it gives out a funny smell too. By itself, parsley is great… just not with potatoes and capsicum πŸ™‚

So, I mean.. it turned out okay, but not as nice as I’d have hoped. Oh well.


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