30 Mar

Made some Gulabjamuns the other day, they came out reasonably well. Its an extremely fatty food though, really – so don’t make these too often :). I bought the mix from some Indian store – so all I had to do was to mix the dough with a little bit of milk, roll it into balls until all the moisture was absorbed and deep fry the balls. Here’s a pic 🙂

A quick tip is that you don’t *need* to immerse the balls into oil completely, but it helps coz then you can actually see the colour change from white, to light brown to dark brown to black.

Also, the sugar syrup – if you don’t eat too much of the sweet syrup and only like the fried balls, adjust the quantity accordingly. The key is that the balls absorb enough of the syrup to be sweet – just as sweet as you want. Too much sugar and too much syrup advertised on the box could be overkill for you – so you might want to look at that while cooking.



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