Avocado Chimichurri – Modified :)

3 Jan

I love avocados…and Mexican food uses those a lot, and I’m trying to make Mexican food these days so I stumbled on this recipe – http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipe/avocado-chimichurri-bruschetta/

Now I didn’t have bread or corriander or parsley πŸ˜€ … which er screws the recipe up a bit, but hey no worry – I’ll make do with what I have :). All credits of course to the original link:

I ended up making a sauce out of all of the following, purely based on what I had with me. Turned out to be pretty tasty.

– Little citric acid, instead of lemon juice, dissolved well in water

– Same amount of vinegar

– Garlic, Chilly flakes, salt and pepper .. as per your taste

– Some oil..again just how much you need

– 1 tomato, super finely chopped

– 1/2 zucchini, super finely chopped

– 2 avocados chopped into small cubes

– Heat a couple of tortillas on the stove, very gently.. just to warm it up. Once its warm, spread some sour cream as a base layer and keep it aside.

– Add the chopped avocados on top, and add as much sauce as you would like. Its a little sour, obviously with all that citric acid and vinegar πŸ˜‰ .. so be careful. But if you add the right amount, it tastes really nice.

Try it sometime and get creative with what you put inside the tortillas. That’s what Mexican food is all about… lots and lots of colourful veggies and fruits πŸ™‚


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