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Coconut burfi

26 Jan

Been wanting to make this for a long time, the main reason being me having around half a cup of ground coconut powder in the freezer for er a while 😉 and wanting to finish that off. Considering that the besan and rava laddoos came out quite well, there wasn’t any reason for this to get screwed – so I figured I’d give this a shot too.

I basically copied Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe except that I reduced the quanitites for all the components. 1 cup coconut powder, a little less than half a cup of sugar, a little cream, some cardamom powder and since it wasn’t binding too well – I added a little milk as well. Kept stirring till the mixture turned golden brown as mentioned, greased my cookie tray 🙂 with a little oil – ghee 😉 and poured the mixture over.

Made the entire mixture into little balls – for some reason the binding this time didn’t come out great – so I didn’t play around with it too much and just gave it a loose shape – so it wasn’t powdery and kept the tray inside the fridge so it’d harden a little bit.

It tastes quite good. Maybe some day I’ll make it again and get a perfect shape. No..who am I kidding – I don’t care too much as long as it tastes nice 😉 – which it does.

Here’s a pic:



Pizza :)

21 Jan

Well, considering I’ve been here nearly 2.5 years now its weird that I haven’t tried to make pizza more often. And no…I can’t eat pizza outside in most places. Lets not discuss why ;). So Dinesh agreed that we’d make pizza yesterday night. It came out absolutely awesomely (if that’s even a word ;)).

Making pizza is pretty simple really. We didn’t fry any of the veggies even lightly – just put all the toppings with the pizza inside the oven and baked it. Straight. Here’s what we did.

– Chop up a little less than 1 onion, 1 full capsicum, a serrano chilly and 1 tomato into as small pieces as I could.

– Dinesh spread some sour cream (yes) and sprinkled a little salt on the base of the pizza since we didn’t have sauce at all. He then grated some carrots and spread all that on the base again where the carrots stuck to the sour cream.

– Spread plenty of grated cheese over the carrots.

– Evenly spread all the chopped veggies all over the pizza base. Sprinkle some green peas on the top of the veggies.

– Spread some more cheese over the veggies.

– We then kept it all in the oven for a while. No I don’t remember how long, except that you know that when the cheese starts melting and the base starts turning brown – its time to reduce the heat for sure.

– Once this happened we turned the heat down, added a little corn for topping it up and sprinkled some seasoning as well as some chilly flakes on the pizza.

– Put it into the oven again and let it cook the corn for a little longer as it was in the freezer.

– Gently pulled the tray out, and let it cool a bit. Since we hadn’t already cut it into slices before keeping it inside the oven, we gently cut it into slices. The taste was super super awesome.

– We both ended up eating one slice too many – a 12 inch base is definitely too much for 2 people – a 10 inch base makes more sense. Maybe next time haha 🙂

Here’s a pic that Dinesh took though – all credits to decoration goes solely and wholly to him – he definitely has an eye for it and I just hold off doing any of the decorating myself.


Palak kadi

5 Jan

A minor variation to the usual Dahi Kadi that I make as written about here. I decided to try Palak Kadi today, as I’d read about it some day on some site. Turns out its very similar to the original recipe – I also refered Tarla Dalal’s super simple recipe as usual here.

The only thing different was that I ensured the spinach was boiled and nearly cooked separately, before adding it to the Kadi. All the rest was exactly the same. It tastes really nice and a cool way to enjoy some greens 🙂

Avocado Chimichurri – Modified :)

3 Jan

I love avocados…and Mexican food uses those a lot, and I’m trying to make Mexican food these days so I stumbled on this recipe –

Now I didn’t have bread or corriander or parsley 😀 … which er screws the recipe up a bit, but hey no worry – I’ll make do with what I have :). All credits of course to the original link:

I ended up making a sauce out of all of the following, purely based on what I had with me. Turned out to be pretty tasty.

– Little citric acid, instead of lemon juice, dissolved well in water

– Same amount of vinegar

– Garlic, Chilly flakes, salt and pepper .. as per your taste

– Some oil..again just how much you need

– 1 tomato, super finely chopped

– 1/2 zucchini, super finely chopped

– 2 avocados chopped into small cubes

– Heat a couple of tortillas on the stove, very gently.. just to warm it up. Once its warm, spread some sour cream as a base layer and keep it aside.

– Add the chopped avocados on top, and add as much sauce as you would like. Its a little sour, obviously with all that citric acid and vinegar 😉 .. so be careful. But if you add the right amount, it tastes really nice.

Try it sometime and get creative with what you put inside the tortillas. That’s what Mexican food is all about… lots and lots of colourful veggies and fruits 🙂

Rava laddoo

2 Jan

Been a while since I made something new. I always like to eat something sweet at the end of a meal – not a lot.. but just a little bit. So instead of buying more chocolate, I decided to spend a bit of time making something new – Rava laddoos :).

Inspired from here –

Its really quite simple:

– Roast the Rava for a while.

– Roast some coconut powder for a while… as much as you want really, a good measure is probably 1/4th the quantity of rava.

– Add some oil and roast the mixture of both for a while.

– Add some cardamom powder to it and mix well.

– Add sugar to it, a little less than 1/2 the amount of rava. Start off by adding even lesser, ideally, and then taste the mixture at the end. If you feel you need more… add some more.

– If you’d like to add some dry fruits, roast those lightly and add those to the mixture as well.

– Take all this off the stove and let it cool a bit.

– Start adding milk to it, but stop before it becomes too watery – it must be just thick enough so you can make balls of the mixture… that don’t crumble and fall apart.

– Make the balls, and keep all of the balls inside the fridge for a while, so it solidifies.

– That’s it .. have fun eating 🙂

Rava laddoo