Besan laddoo

2 Nov

Been wanting to make this for a while now and it came out really well :). The credit for this recipe goes totally to the blogger here. Here are the steps that I followed, not too much difference really..

– Dry roast the besan with no oil or ghee for a while. It’ll start forming lumps for some reason, try and break as many of these into powder as you stir – if you can. This is just to have an even consistency.

– Once the colour changes to a very light brown or you get a different smell, add a little oil/butter/ghee and mix it. It will most probably not be enough :). A part of the besan will absorb the oil very quickly and become moist and more pliable. It’ll also have a brownish colour now.

– Continue adding oil/butter/ghee. Stop as soon as the entire mixture is softish. You should be, eventually able to make balls of that mixture. If it’s too dry you wont be able to do this. If it’s too wet..well it’s just gonna drip oil. It’ll work and it’ll probably be tasty but it’s overkill and not efficient cooking at all. In my opinion anyway..

– Add some cardamom powder and some dry fruits (dry roasted to give them that crispness) and mix everything well.

– Take the mixture off the stove and add some sugar to it. The recipe on the link above uses about 1/2 the amount of besan you used. Really though, it’s up to you – depending on how sweet you want it. I’d add a bit, taste it – and repeat that process till its sweet enough. Your own tongue is your best test πŸ™‚ – not anyone’s recipe. Those are just guides.

– Let the mixture cool down and roll into little balls: the size again is totally up to you. Keep in the fridge for a while to harden it. Gobble after a while πŸ™‚

p.s.. Although this came out really well, it seemed that some of the besan kept getting stuck to the upper part of my mouth. Maybe the besan needed to be cooked a bit more? Heh. Maybe next time.IMG_20141102_161603


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