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27 Mar

It’s usually “Zunka Bhakar” that you hear mentioned outside a lot.. if you’re in Mumbai. We made just the Zunka here, as we ran out of veggies and were too bored to go out and get some more. Pretty much followed this recipe – it’s very simple really.


Ragda Pattice

26 Mar

This is what I referred while making it. As usual, of course, we tweaked the recipe. Here’s what we did in a nutshell.

a) First I made some chana masala as usual. Referred my own link.

b) Dinesh made all his fancy sauce by combining a number of sauces. He also made some quite cool tamarind-date chutney. This involved soaking some tamarind in water, grinding some dates into a paste and lastly..mixing the tamarind water and the date water together.

c) For the pattice I largely followed what was on that link I referred. Except, obviously I didn’t deep fry anything but just used a little bit of oil on a tava and slowly roasted the pattice till it turned golden brown on both sides – the color was quite perfect really.

d) Put a few pattice pieces on a plate, pour the chana masala on top and add sauce and seasonings as you want. Add yoghurt on top if you’d like. It’s quite delicious really.