25 Feb

Ha. So I tried making Dosas too. They didn’t come out too badly. They weren’t as super cool as Mom’s dosas obviously, but they were fine. I followed this recipe while grinding the batter, and used Mom’s tips from memory to pour the batter and cook them properly on both sides.

For 1 tumbler (probably a little less than 100 grams) and the measurements on the site I got 9 dosas made. Each dosa was around the size of a chapati. Sorry – I am NOT going to measure a chapati and tell you its exact size.

On the 3rd day I added a little salt to the batter as per Mom’s instructions – she said that the batter becomes less salty when you keep it in the fridge. Why this happens though, I am unclear. The dosas were a little thicker than I’d like (poured too much batter on the tava/skillet) and a little too brown (too much heat). At times I felt there wasn’t enough salt either. Maybe a mix of all three left me feeling fairly unsatisfied. Maybe it’ll be better next time.

Make sure by the way that the surface of the tava is well greased before you pour the batter on it. Else the dosas don’t come off easily and it’s a pain to cook 🙂


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