Cornflour Vegetable Pie

16 Feb

So Dinesh was browsing and saw a recipe for a pie somewhere and we decided to make one since we had an oven as well. A pie really is nothing but a lot of veggies and fruits mixed together, covered with some dough and then baked. Here’s bullet point instructions on how we baked our pie:

– Make your mixed vegetable as you usually do. Add whatever veggies you want, whatever spices…everything exactly the same. Cook it till its nearly done.

– Now mix some dough as you would for making rotis. You can use any flour you want, we just used corn flour this time.

– Take a baking tray and grease it lightly with a little oil.

– Take half your dough and roll it out into whatever shape you want, as long as it fits the baking tray and doesn’t creep out. Place this on the baking tray.

– Put all the vegetables on the dough and evenly spread it. There’s a good chance you’ve made too much vegetable, don’t try and fit every bit you made here – use some common sense while doing this.

– When you’re spreading your veggies, don’t spread any on the corners of the dough – leave that empty – you’ll need it later.

– Roll the remaining dough into the same shape and cover the veggies. Use the edges of the previous piece of dough now and fold all the edges upwards and stick it to the upper piece of dough. It’s like a big sealed sandwich now 🙂

– Bake it in the oven at around 325 F for about half an hour. But really, this is all dependent on how hot your oven is – how hot it gets how fast etc. So as long as the top seems completely raw, keep baking it. If it goes above half an hour though and it still seems raw, it’s a good idea to turn the oven off and check if the underside is very hard, if it is you’re done.

It’s a little hard to find out the exact time to cook it, but i’m thinking – keep both sides of the dough as even in thickness as you can, and you should be okay. Half an hour is a reasonable time. It turned out to be quite nice, only the top crust was very very hard – probably we kept it inside for too long. Taste wise it was quite nice.


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