Placeholder – Garlic flavored cookies

2 Feb

Ugh. Garlic flavored cookies? Yeah. That’s what I thought too. All the same, I’m always open to trying things out. So Dinesh went ahead and made this all on his own ( with me just talking a little bit once in a while, giving him suggestions when he needed them/asked. They tasted reasonably okay, but nothing too fantastic. We screwed around with the ingredients a little though, due to not having some of them. Here were our alternatives:

– Honey instead of sugar. It’s less sweeter for sure, although maybe we used less honey than we should have.

– No butter. Only oil and half the usual quantity. We could still mix the flour quite well despite there being only 1/4th the amount of oil we should have used.

– The cookies were thicker. This one was all Dinesh – he loves thick, fat cookies for whatever reason :D. Here it was more cause we did not want to put another cookie tray inside for 2 extra cookies, so he added a little of the batter to every single cookie and made it thicker. This was okay, except that the center parts of some cookies did NOT get cooked well, and the cookies did NOT crumble in your mouth. It was like the top of your mouth was smeared with some paste, which you then had to lick off.

– Some garlic powder, ginger and nuts. You definitely get the garlic smell when you eat, but I’m neutral about it. Didn’t particularly like it or hate it. I won’t be making this one again though very quickly.

Here is a pic of the cookies at the end.



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