Vanishing oats Raisin cookies

19 Jan

Don’t ask me why the “vanishing” in the name. I do NOT know – it was just at the back of a Quaker Oats box, this recipe. So since I was feeling stressed out on a Saturday evening – I turned to my stress busting hobby – cook :). Here’s my modified recipe in short:

– Take half a cup of canola oil and about 3/4 cup of brown sugar. Mix the two really well till the sugar is not visible.

– Add 3/4 cup of yoghurt to the mixture. Mix well till you can barely see the yoghurt. Well, you can see a little (pieces really) but mix it so the size of the yoghurt pieces are as small as possible.

– Add a little baking soda and mix again. Just a 1/4 spoon maybe. I think this is for making the cookies rise – never understood why baking powder and soda are different – except that one is sweet and the other is salty. Mix again.

– Add all purpose flour about a cup and a bit more and keep mixing. The aim really is to thicken the mixture so you can take it out spoon by spoon and have it NOT pour.

– As you’re mixing the flour add a few raisins, cranberries and some nuts to the flour and mix well. The aim really is that these nuts are spread evenly and don’t just stay at the surface – you want them in every cookie. Mix well.

– Take a cookie tray, grease it very very lightly with about 1/4 spoon of oil. Use your fingers to spread the oil around. NO need to use butter paper or any of that fancy stuff.

_ Make the cookies in whatever shape you want (Dinesh did this this time) and put it onto the cookie tray(s).

– Cook it at 350 degrees F for well around 30 minutes I guess. I don’t want to mention the exact time like a million other blogs because it differs from oven to oven and none of the measurements have ever worked for me. It invariably takes longer. So really, use your common sense..if you see it turning brown/black it’s too hot – poke it with a fork and see if the fork comes out clean – if it does switch the oven off. If the fork comes out with some mixture sticking to it AND the bottom is dark brown, it’s too hot – the oven. So reduce the temperature and hope that the center of the cookie cooks :). Play around really till YOU understand your equipment better, no one can teach you this.

Here’s a pic – these have increased since Dinesh came around – it’s useful I guess although I’m not a huge fan of pictures – I much prefer my writing to talk. Oh well.. it has its benefits 🙂



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