Alu Palak

19 Jan

This was an easy one really. I looked at Tarla Dalal’s site a bit, but by now I’d got exactly what needed to be done for all these “gravy vegetables”. So largely I followed what she did. In a nutshell though, for any vegetable which is cooked with gravy, here is what you do.

– Chop and boil the gravy base, Palak/Spinach in this case.

– Wash it in cold water to cool it down, and stop it from cooking even more.

– Chop a few onions into smallish pieces, also chop tomatoes if you want the taste of tomato in your gravy. If not just the base veggie and the onions is good.

– Grind it to a fine puree (pourable and NOT rough) in a mixer.

– Chop the other vegetable up after boiling it a bit to soften it. In this case potato – chop it into slightly biggish pieces.

– Heat a little oil and fry all your usual dry spices for a bit. Once that’s done, Fry the potato along with the spices till everything is mixed up and the potatoes are coated nicely.

– Pour the puree in and mix. Add any other masalas and cook till ready. End 🙂


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