Vada Pav

16 Jan

Really making Vada Pav is super simple. Here’s a few quickfire steps to make a few. Ate these after nearly a year or so..or more maybe – loved them 🙂

– Boil a few potatoes. How many is up to you – 1.5 large potatoes made for 6 vadas.

– Chop an onion into small pieces..really small pieces and also chop some corriander leaves into small pieces.

– Mash the potatoes and mix it with the onions and the corriander leaves. Add some salt to this mixture. It’s up to you if you want to add any other dry spice at this point – ginger, garlic, dry mango, garam masala..take your pick.

– Mix some besan (chickpea flour) in another bowl with some salt, chilly powder, pepper powder and water. Stir the besan well so that there are no lumps in it. The end batter should be pourable into a glass but not too thin. As soon as it becomes thin enough to pour, stop adding water.

– Heat some oil in a pan. Make balls out of the potato, onion mixture and dip it into the besan. Make sure it’s coated really really well – you shouldn’t be able to see the potato at all.

– Deep fry it until it turns yellow on all sides. If the oil is too hot, it’ll cook everything too well and it’ll become crispy throughout. You don’t want that. You only want your vadas to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, so cook it on a medium flame.

– Take it off and serve with bread, sweet and sour sauce, raw chillies and onions. Next time I make it I’ll make sure I make all those sauces, or better still delegate that to Dinesh – he loves his sauces 🙂

Here’s a pic of the vadas. We also made a few onion and palak pakodas. The instructions for those are very similar to the way I made corn fritters.



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