Gajar Halwa

10 Jan

So while eating dinner at 11:30 in the night, we tend to watch cooking shows all the time to get new ideas and new dishes. Today we ended up watching a recipe from the VahReVah site. It looked relatively easy to make – so we finished dinner and made it immediately. It’s not too hard at all and the only real effort is in grating the carrots.

That apart here were the few things we did slightly different to this site.

– Used brown sugar. Brown sugar is much sweeter than white sugar, so if recipe books say ‘Use 1 cup sugar’ but you only have brown sugar, use 1/2 a cup of brown sugar.

– Dinesh didn’t want to put black cardamom in the recipe because it would spoil the taste as per him :D. He also took great care in powdering the green cardamom well as he wanted to replicate exactly how it was made back home.

– We put just a little piece of butter and a couple of spoons of canola oil instead of deep frying everything in ghee.

– We didn’t put any paneer or mawa in it as we didn’t have it. As it turns out it still tasted really nice, as per Dinesh anyway ( I haven’t yet tasted it due to it being nearly 1 am when we finished and it would get converted into fat for sure :D)

Here’s a pic that Dinesh took. Looks quite close to the real thing, if you ask me.



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