Misal Pav

5 Jan

Something that I had wanted to make for a very very long time and finally made today :). I referred this recipe to do so. The measurements that I took were not exactly like on the link but the end product tasted quite nice. Here’s a few things that I did a little differently.

– Did not have ginger-garlic paste but had powder instead, so mixed with a little bit of water and made it into a paste.

– Used whole green and black cardamom and not powder.

– Used diluted citric acid instead of lime.

– Used bhujia sev instead of Farsan.

– No coconut (forgot) or corriander leaves (used corriander powder instead)

– Also, while I did use oil, I used just a tea spoon each of oil for the kat, paste and the Usal.

Lastly 1.5 cups Matki beans was too much for 2 people 😀 – we now have a ton of boiled Matki remaining to use in some other recipe over the next couple of days. I’ll be making this again though, love it. Thanks to the original blog 🙂


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