Lemon Cake (of sorts :D)

1 Jan

So we got bored of making the same types of cakes and cookies and decided to make something new. And when Dinesh is around, you’re never short of weird ideas, many of which are crap but some of which are quite cool. Today fell in the cool category ..for sure :D. So we started off using the ideas in this recipe – but by the time we were done, it turned out we’d almost invented our own cake – well based on the ingredients anyway. So here’s what we changed.

– We used only 2 cups of all purpose flour, didn’t add the extra 1/4 cup.

– We didn’t use any Confectioner’s sugar as we didn’t have it and had no clue what it was anyway.

– We used brown sugar instead of white sugar.

– We used canola oil instead of butter.

– I don’t eat eggs so we used a cup of yoghurt instead.

– We didn’t have lemons so dissolved citric acid in water instead. Big props to Dinesh for switching his taste buds on and deciding that the cake wasn’t ‘lemony’ enough.

– We didn’t have a crust but mixed everything instead which made the mixture really soft.

– Lastly we needed to keep it in the oven for nearly an hour overall. 15 minutes initially, then added yoghurt to the mix and kept it for another 45 minutes. This caused the bottom to be a little crusty and the rest was nice and soft.

This was one of the best cakes that I had ever eaten. Thanks Dinesh 🙂


One Response to “Lemon Cake (of sorts :D)”

  1. dns shetty January 2, 2014 at 4:11 am #

    It was totally yummy… I wonder if I should switch my job and become a cook instead. 😉

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