Kidney beans and Brown rice

31 Dec

Usually we tend to cook a little rice and dal for lunch, so we can work during the day without spending too much time cooking. Today though, we had very little brown rice and had been eating a lot of Dal Makhani for the last 2 days, so I was pretty fed up of Dal. I did have some left over kidney beans though and remember having seen salads in Whole Foods which used these two. So after a little bit of Googling I found a simple, healthy recipe using both of them.

Largely I followed what the blogger there said except for a few changes. Here they are:

– The kidney beans was boiled. Still crunchy, but definitely cooked. Eating it completely raw would not be very nice at all.

– I use canola oil all the time, after a course I did on nutrition revealed that canola was the best of the lot. I forget what exactly it was, but I had done my research that time.

– I didnt have green onion so I used white onion instead.

Added a few mixed nuts as a side dish. A very very good recipe and one that I will make some day again 🙂


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