Corn Fritters

28 Dec

1. Mix some besan with water in a bowl so it’s a paste. The paste should not be so solid that it doesn’t move at all but not as fluid as say..a glass of water. The ideal is a semisolid mixture that you can make into shapes with your hand..but which won’t remain formed.

2. Add some salt and chilly powder to the mix and stir well so it’s mixed. Any other dry spices that you want can be mixed in at this time. In short you can add whatever you want to this, as long as the consistency of the paste is retained.

3. Boil some corn in hot water for a little while so it is softened. Once done, drain all the excess water – as much as you can and then pour the corn into the batter.

4. Heat some oil in a little pan. Once the oil is hot enough, drop spoonfuls of the batter into the oil and fry it. Be really careful here, the corn burst in the oil a number of times and kept hitting me in the face and arms and scalding me with oil which was er quite painful. We ended up dropping the batter into the oil and then moving away for a while, then turning the gas off, turning the fritter over to cook the other side and turning the gas off again. That stopped the corn from hitting me in the face.

5. I think that there’s 2 things that one can do to fix this. Ensure that the batter is thick enough and completely covers the corn before you drop it into the oil. Also ensure you have enough oil in the pan, so the batter sinks to the bottom. I haven’t tested either, but think that logically both make sense. A third option would be to pop the corn in a microwave oven before frying but that’s just an utter utter pain. I spend too much time in the kitchen anyway 😀


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