Alu Bhajias

28 Dec

I had half a raw potato in the fridge and suddenly thought of this one. I do have a lot of Mom’s genes you know ;). Making Bhajias is quite easy.

1. Mix some besan with water, salt and chilly powder to form a thickish batter, similar to Step 1 in the Corn Fritter recipe.

2. Slice potatoes into really really thin circular slices. If you have some sort of slicing machine it’s easier. Knives work but they’re not ideal and your slices end up coming out unevenly.

3. Let the batter soak for around 10-15 minutes so the besan soaks well. I’m not sure what real benefit this has – must ask Mom.

4. Heat some oil in a pan. Don’t overheat the oil, else it’ll cause the Bhajias to turn brown. Dip the potato slices into the batter, coat both sides nicely so that the potato can no longer be seen.

5. Drop gently into the oil and fry until dark yellow to a very light brown (not dark) on both sides. Keep regulating the heat so you get the colour that you want. Note that as you fry more and more the oil uses its heat to cook the bhajias, so you need to keep increasing the heat from time to time.

That’s it – serve with sauce :). You can make Bhajias with any vegetable really.


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