Potato Broccoli Stew

13 Dec

So Dinesh likes Broccoli. So we bought it and were thinking what to make with it apart from salad :D. After he searched a bit [http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/cheesy_broccoli_potato_mash.html], he found one recipe which was simple enough to make. Here it is.

1. Cook potatoes well. Well enough so you can mash it up.

2. Cook broccoli as well. But don’t cook it so much that you mash it up. It should be softer than it is, when it’s raw but yet be a little crunchy. Mix the broccoli with the mashed potato.

3. Add some salt, chilly powder, butter, cheese, oregano and chilly flakes to the mixture.

4. Mix well and sprinkle a few coriander leaves on it if you want as dressing.


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