Mix flour dosa

7 Dec

This one’s out of the Mom (make do with what you have) book :D. We ran out of veggies and had an old piece of coconut left over. So hey, why not make some coconut chutney and some instant dosas with flour? It’s a super simple recipe really.

1) Add 2 spoons each of wheat flour, besan, rava and idli rava (boiled rice) to a bowl. Add some salt and chilly powder to the mix. Mix well. Add water and stir well so it’s a liquid mixture.

2) The mixture should easily flow if you try to pour it into a bowl. If it doesn’t flow easily, it’s too thick and you need to add some more water. As soon as you can no longer feel lumps of flour in the mixture and the mixture flows easily as well, that’s enough water.

3) Let it be for around 30 minutes (Don’t know why .. Mom’s instructions :D).

4) Heat a pan and grease it with a little oil.  Pour a little batter on the pan and spread it evenly with a round bottomed spoon. Start from the centre and push the batter outward, all the time rotating the spoon in circles. Don’t press the center too hard, you’ll make it too thick. Note that you have to do this really quickly – else the batter won’t move outward.

5) Add a little oil around the dosa and on it…just a couple of spoons maybe. Take a spatula and gently poke at the edges. See if they stick to the pan. If they do, it isn’t cooked yet. Test various parts of the rim. The moment a bit comes off easily, start gently poking underneath and slowly lift that bit off the pan. Repeat until nothing remains stuck to the pan. Upturn it and repeat.

6) When both sides are a light golden brown, take it off the pan. Serve with coconut chutney 🙂


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