Bhel Puri

7 Dec

This one is really a very simple recipe and easy to make whenever you’re bored of spending a ton of time in the kitchen. Here’s what we did.

1. Boil a couple of potatoes, some peas, some corn and some carrot in a pressure cooker. Add some salt and chilly powder to this mixture before you put it into the cooker. Overcook it just a little so it’s softer than usual. Mash the entire mixture and keep it separately.

2. Cut some onions and green chillies into little pieces. Mix these with the mixture in Step 1.

3. Cut some cucumber and tomato into really small pieces. Make sure that they’re all the same size – that will help ensure consistency in the mixture, and an evenness in taste throughout. Add these too to the mixture.

4. Roast a little kurmura and groundnuts. Don’t overdo this and burn the two, they cook very fast – it’s just to heat stuff up.

5. Mix the vegetable mixture with the stuff in Step 4. Mix it gently, you don’t want the kurmura just cracking up.

6. Sprinkle some sev on the entire mixture, along with some salt and chilly powder. Add some sweet sauce (like Tomato) and some hot sauce (made from chillies) to the entire mixture. The amount you’d like to add is completely up to you and what taste you like. Mix a little and eat 🙂


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