Carrot Kootu

5 Oct

So for anyone reading who has no clue about what ‘Kootu’ means.. it’s just a South Indian name for a wettish mixture of vegetables and lentils with spices and grated coconut, depending on where you come from 😉

Making it turns out to be fairly simple.

a) Cook the carrot and the Moong dal/Toor Dal in a pressure cooker to soften them up.

b) Fry a little mustard, cumin, corainder powder, salt, chilly powder, garlic and turmeric for a couple of minutes.

c) Empty the carrot into the frying pan and stir till the mixture is not visible anymore.

d) Empty the dal into the frying pan and mix with the carrot. Stir till everything is evenly mixed. Add a little water from time to time so it doesn’t dry up and stick to the bottom of the frying pan.

e) Add a little garam masala right at the end and squeeze a little lemon juice into the mixture. Mix and serve with rotis or rice.


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