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Crisp eggless cookies

7 Oct

So this one is another of Mom’s recipes which she wrote down for me. I’ve always loved cookies and have read about them in books for a long long time, and wanted to bake them. So finally thanks to there being an oven at home, I can bake them. Here’s the recipe for it. Again, credit is due to all the websites that Mom looked at before writing this down.

Note: The measuring cup has to be the same for all the ingredients.

a) Take 1.5 cups of all purpose baking flour, 1 cup powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate. Mix all these together. Don’t stir too vigorously as the ingredients will start flying around – it’s all powder..rt? Taste a little bit of the mixture at the end, it should taste sweet – it means it’s got mixed properly.

b) Take 1 cup oil, 1 tablespoon yoghurt and 1 tablespoon milk and mix these together separately. Its an odd combination but that’s what’s needed.

c) Add the oil+yoghurt+milk mixture to the flour+sugar+baking powder+baking soda mixture. Make sure you add it bit by bit. Each time you add a little, stir the flour with a spoon to mix it well. Eventually the mixture will get too thick to stir with a spoon. At this point it’s best to knead the mixture with your bare hands. Continue doing this until the oily mixture is completely added. You should now have some cookie dough ready.

d) Wash your hands as they’ll be very oily and sticky now due to the kneading :). Make little balls from the dough and flatten the balls out into whatever shape you want for your cookies. You can do this with your hands, I guess you could use a cookie cutter too but that’s overkill really .. unless you’re making them for your kids ;).. which er I am not :D. Keep the flattened pieces of dough on a baking tray or a cookie tray. You do NOT need butter paper and any of that fancy stuff if you use the right amounts of ingredients.

e) Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F for around 10 minutes. Keep the cookie tray inside. Let it cook for around 20-30 minutes. I’d suggest you check every 10 minutes though.

f) When the top of the cookie pieces starts to change color from white to brown, you’ll know it’s nearly done. Poke gently with a toothpick from time to time. When the toothpick stops going in and the top is hard, your cookies are done. Switch the oven off, let it bake inside for a little longer, maybe 5 minutes at most.

g) Take the tray out of the oven carefully as it’ll be quite hot. Let it cool a bit. Take the cookies off the tray and store.

Your cookies are ready :). You can add dry fruits or cherries or bits of fruit or whatever you want to the dough to get different types of cookies with different flavors. The basics remain the same. Happy baking.


Dry black-eyed peas

5 Oct

So this isn’t anything new procedure wise, except that I made it for the very first time. The procedure to follow is very similar to this post. The only difference here is that instead of adding all the vegetables, you add the black-eyed peas which you’ve already soaked in water for 10 minutes and then pressure cooked. If you like you can add a little onions to the dry masala, fry it and then add the cooked black peas.

A lot of cooking is very similar really, once you get the basic principles straight.

Carrot Kootu

5 Oct

So for anyone reading who has no clue about what ‘Kootu’ means.. it’s just a South Indian name for a wettish mixture of vegetables and lentils with spices and grated coconut, depending on where you come from 😉

Making it turns out to be fairly simple.

a) Cook the carrot and the Moong dal/Toor Dal in a pressure cooker to soften them up.

b) Fry a little mustard, cumin, corainder powder, salt, chilly powder, garlic and turmeric for a couple of minutes.

c) Empty the carrot into the frying pan and stir till the mixture is not visible anymore.

d) Empty the dal into the frying pan and mix with the carrot. Stir till everything is evenly mixed. Add a little water from time to time so it doesn’t dry up and stick to the bottom of the frying pan.

e) Add a little garam masala right at the end and squeeze a little lemon juice into the mixture. Mix and serve with rotis or rice.