Sponge Cake – With dry fruits + Some baking tips :D

26 Sep

So I did bake that sponge cake a few weeks ago and wanted to try making one again to see if it was a fluke that it came out that well. The second attempt was quite cool too. The only extra thing that I did here was to chop a number of nuts and dry fruits and add them to the cake.

The key is to add them as early as possible so you can mix them with the cake batter much more easily. So for example, after you add yoghurt and the sugar and it’s just liquid, it’s a good idea to add a large amount of your dry fruits at this point and mix them well. Add the remaining bits at various stages and mix vigorously each time so they’re all blended well with the batter. Don’t just sprinkle them on the top, they may get burnt. (Mom says they will get burnt so that’s probably true)

A few other tips:

– Add things bit by bit. Mix after each bit. It prevents spilling and cleaning the mess up.

– Stir slowly initially but once it’s clear that things won’t splash out, increase the pace of stirring.

– It’s important to have the right amount of sugar. Don’t scrimp on that else the cake doesn’t taste good.

– The moment the fork or toothpick comes out clean, switch the oven off. Test as frequently as you can within the 30 minutes of baking time.

– If there’s too much heat or the vessel is too small, the cake breaks up. I think so anyway…coz this one started cracking at the top and since all the ingredients were the same (apart from the dry fruits) and the quantities were the same..I think it’s the heat..but I’m not sure.

More later 🙂


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