Veg Fried Rice

18 Sep

My first attempt at Chinese cooking then :). I’ve always loved fried rice and veg manchurian and I used to eat it a lot when I went out in Mumbai. So I decided to try and make it last Sunday.

a) Cook rice as usual in the pressure cooker. The only difference this time is that the rice grains need to be a little separate and not all mashed up or soft. So add a little less water than usual, it still needs to be fully cooked mind you, just a little drier than usual.

b) Cut half a carrot, a few french beans and a few cabbage leaves into small pieces. Cook those too in a pressure cooker to soften them a little. Again, switch the cooker off a little before usual, you want your veggies to be a little raw for fried rice.

c) Cut 1/4 to 1/2 a normal red/pink onion and a few spring/green onions into small pieces. The amount of spring/green onion you use should be a little more than the normal onion. Cut a few celery sticks into small pieces. Try and keep the size of the pieces similar for all the vegetables that you use.

d) Fry the onion and the celery pieces for a little while. I cooked the celery sticks a little too, in the pressure cooker but that might not be needed as you do want that slight rawness in your vegetables.

e) Take a spoon of Soya sauce, a spoon of chilly sauce, half a spoon of vinegar and a spoon of tomato sauce and mix them all together separately. The measurements are all approximate. Soya sauce will make the rice darker, vinegar more sour and chilly more spicy. Adjust the quantities depending on how you like your food.

f) Add all the other veggies to the onion and mix well. Add the rice and mix well. Now add the sauce and mix well. Add salt to the rice and mix well. Let it all cook for a little while on a low flame; maybe 10 minutes or so. That’s all I left it on for; because remember – the veggies are already cooked.

g) Serve with more sauce, or chips or with Manchurian gravy if you know how to make it :). Enjoy.


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