Rava Upma

24 Jun

Largely inspired by the post here.

1) Roast Rava on low flame for around 2 minutes. It becomes hot very very fast and changes color to brown very quickly. Don’t increase the flame at all or leave the kitchen until you turn the gas off. The way to find this out is to sniff the air around the Rava every minute. The moment you get a different smell..turn the gas off. Take Rava off the frying pan and store it in another vessel.

2) Fry some mustard, cumin and curry leaves along with some salt and chilly powder as well. It’s up to you on what other masalas you want to add to it.

3) Chop onion and chillies into very small bits and add to frying pan and fry until onion turns brown and absorbs all the masalas.

4) Add the Rava to the mixture so everything is uniformly mixed.

5) Start adding water to the mixture bit by bit, all the while continuously stirring the mixture so the Rava does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Make sure you don’t add too much water though; as this will make the mixture very messy.

6) Keep cooking it on a moderate flame or even a low flame, as you want the Rava to retain its white color as much as possible. If you don’t mind it being brown, you can increase the temperature of the flame.

7) Once all the water is drained completely and everything is mixed completely and a soft mixture but not too messy either (Put a fork into it and pull it out; if no Upma comes out along with the fork, it’s the right consistency), turn the gas off.

8) Serve hot with a sauce or chutney of your choice.


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