Parathas – All types

13 Apr

So I’ve always wanted to make Parathas. As it turns out there’s a very easy generic way to make them. The key thing to remember is to not mix the atta separately and cook the vegetable separately. So you first make the vegetable as normal by following this post. Now you need to mix the atta/dough for the parathas.

You follow the same logic as here to mix atta. The only difference is :- Before you add any water to the flour mix the dry vegetable to the dry flour and knead it with your hands to make it as even as possible. This is to ensure that you use up whatever water there is already present in the vegetable while kneading flour. Almost certainly though, you will feel that the atta is too dry.

Now slowly add water little by little to make the flour more even and a little damper so you can roll it out. There’s no fixed amount really; add enough water and enough flour on a need basis. Once you have enough of both, add a little oil, knead the dough again – it makes it softer.

Now just follow Points 11-14 from the Roti Post and you’re done.

For Peas/Mutter parathas though, its tough to roll Peas like normal rotis; so before lightly frying the peas; boil it a little, cool it and blend it into a paste in the mixi. Then light fry it and mix it with the Atta.

The logic really is – Anything that you can eventually roll easily; you don’t need to blend :). That ends the generic Paratha making guide then. Do make sure that the veggie is properly cooked before rolling it, and the atta isn’t too dry. Its a major pain otherwise. How do I know? Shhhhh 😉


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