Rice and Dal

12 Apr

So more totally basic stuff if you’re alone and are too tired to make chapatis. Simply cook a little Dal and Rice, it is much easier with much lesser effort. So here’s 2 ways I do things:

1. Take some small container and fill it with rice. Take another vessel and put a few spoons of dal into it (Toor dal or Moong Dal) will both do.

2. Wash the rice to remove any dirt, stones etc. Repeat the same exercise for the Dal.

3. Fill the rice container with around 2.5 times the amount of rice you took. Fill the Dal container with a reasonable amount of water. Even double the amount of Dal will do; you can just throw off any excess water later.

4. Dump both vessels in a pressure cooker and let it cook. Make sure you fill the pressure cooker with some water before keeping the vessel inside else you’ll burn the metal and I doubt anything will get cooked either (not that I’ve tried this :D).

5. 3 whistles on the pressure cooker. Lower the flame and let it cook for a little longer. Switch the cooker off after 5 minutes on a low flame.

6. Wait for a while; let the pressure go down on its own before opening the cooker. Add a little salt to the Dal, mix the salt well.

7. Cut up a couple of onions or roast a papad or two and you’re done. Not the most exotic meal but it’ll do when you’re feeling dead and don’t want to eat outside food at all.


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