12 Apr

1. Wash a little rice. Wash some Moong Dal. Note that the amount of Moong Dal used should be a little more than the amount of rice used. So for 1 person 1/4 measure of rice and a little less than a 1/2 measure of a Moong Dal is good.

2. Add water to this rice-dal mixture; a little less than 2 measures of water are good.

3. Let it cook in a pressure cooker (3 whistles) and then on a low flame for 5 minutes.

4. Wait for the pressure to be released automatically and open the cooker after it is done.

5. Take the container out; mix the rice and dal till the mixture is fully even.

6. Take 2 spoons or so of oil; and fry a little Jeera and Black Pepper powder and empty the oil with the fried powder into the rice and dal.

7. Mix well. Add any other seasoning if you want.

8. Roast a couple of papads if you want as a side dish.


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