Onion and Tomato sandwiches

12 Apr

Here’s a small variation from the usual sandwiches that we get outside.

1. Slice Onions into very small pieces.
2. Slice Tomatoes into very small pieces.
3. Mix the 2 together. Add a little salt and a little chilly powder to the mixture.
4. Put a little bit of butter on 2 slices of bread.
5. Add the mixture to 1 slice of bread.
6. Grate a little bit of cheese and paneer on the other slice
7. Join the 2 slices together.
8. You can eat it as it is now or toast it or grill it before you eat. Toasting is nicer coz the cheese and paneer actually melt and seep into the sandwich.
9. Obviously you can add any other veggies too if you want šŸ™‚


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