Any Dry vegetable

12 Apr

If you’ve made Dal and have cooked rice or made Rotis, some of you might like to eat a little dry vegetable along with it. The procedure for making any dry vegetable is largely very similar. I’m just going to outline that here; the way I make it 😀

1. Cut veggies into pieces. The smaller the pieces are the quicker the veggies will fry. Boil the veggies in hot water for around 5 minutes to soften them up; you can also pressure cook these.

2. Heat a little oil and roast Jeera and Rai till they splutter.

3. Add the cut veggies to the oil and keep turning so the veggies do not stick to the frying pan.

4. Mix Salt, Turmeric, Chilly Powder, Garam Masala, cut chillies if you want outside and add it to the frying pan.

5. Add a little water to ensure veggies don’t stick. Turn veggies up and down till they are cooked completely.

6. Add a little lime juice, dissolved citric acid or dry mango powder along with a little bit of sugar(not too much) and mix well.

7. Switch off soon after adding lime juice.

8. Serve with rotis or rice or bread.

I’ve tried this with Potatoes and Cabbage so far and it seems to work pretty well.


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