Papad ki Sabzi

9 Jul

Ran out of veggies one day so as usual went to my favorite website and got a simple recipe that you can make just with pureed tomato, some spices and a couple of papads. I pretty much copied it as it is tbf, just used much lesser curd than suggested, since er I didn’t have any😉. Here’s the recipe – I take no credit for it.

Gobi Corn Masala

22 May

This one was inspired by this recipe here. It came out really really well, and I actually loved it. That’s rare. I mean, most of my cooking is okay, not wonderful.. but this one came out really nicely.

The best way to cook this is to follow what the lady in the video does (of whom I am a massive massive fan :)). There’s a few tweaks I made though.

I didn’t have peas but had a lot of frozen corn instead. Since the texture of peas and corn is very similar, I just substituted corn for peas. So if you don’t like corn, stick to frozen peas like the original recipe suggests. I do think its useful to know substitutes though, that way you can use what you have at home without running to the market.

Also I still haven’t bought my whole cumin seeds, so have to use the ground cumin-pepper powder that Mom gave me when I went home earlier this year.

I never use a lot of oil/ghee to be honest, but I used a little more than I normally use, just to see the powder actually separate from the oil before adding the vegetables to the gravy.

Also, didn’t have corriander to garnish it at the end, so skipped that. Really nice veggie though, ate it with rice in the night and ate up the vegetable as it is, which I’m not a big fan of … unless I have to🙂

Do make this sometime.

Tomato Kadi

18 May

Ooh this one was nice🙂.. came out really well. Copied from here largely. Some minor changes/mistakes:

I didn’t have any cumin or methi, so had to use ground powder for cumin, and no methi at all. I used a little ginger-garlic paste to grind with the tomato puree. Used jalapenos instead of the Indian chillies.

Also, I ground the besan and removed most of its lumps, but when adding more water.. some of the lumps came back together and formed fat clumps of besan, which I couldn’t crush evenly. So make sure they are all crushed outside, before you add it to the pan on the stove.

Lastly, its a good idea to cover the pan, as tomato puree splutters while boiling. A bit of liquid spluttered and hit me in the eye while cooking. No harm done, just wash your face with cold water immediately🙂. But er… better avoided.

Alu Simla

18 May

Back posting after a loooooongg time and the plan is to start cooking new things again, since I seem to have started to enjoy cooking again these days🙂. Of course, I’ve been cooking all this time I didn’t post – but it was all the old stuff that I already know how to make.

The aim now is to search for things that people have made, that I also like and try and make those. My primary channel for reference is that of a very simple kind-sounding aunty here. Last week, I made Alu – Simla, which turned out quite well. Of course, I tweaked the recipe as usual so I could do things more easily.

Largely I followed this recipe, but here were a few things I changed to save time and er coz I didn’t have some of the ingredients…😉

Frying the potatoes takes way way too long. So I boiled them in hot water instead for a few minutes to soften them, drained the water and then threw them into a frying pan. Of course, I accidentally kept it for a bit too long and the potatoes hence got too soft. So take those out a bit soon, it’ll be tastier.

The chopped tomatoes also stayed a bit too long in the pan, and became a little stringy.. which I don’t like. So the moment you see tomatoes starting to lose their shape, turn the gas off.

Also, since I didn’t have coriander but parsley instead, I used that for garnishing. This was a terrible experiment, since parsley doesn’t necessarily go very well with Indian cooking as it turns out, and the taste is too distinct.. and it gives out a funny smell too. By itself, parsley is great… just not with potatoes and capsicum🙂

So, I mean.. it turned out okay, but not as nice as I’d have hoped. Oh well.


30 Mar

Made some Gulabjamuns the other day, they came out reasonably well. Its an extremely fatty food though, really – so don’t make these too often🙂. I bought the mix from some Indian store – so all I had to do was to mix the dough with a little bit of milk, roll it into balls until all the moisture was absorbed and deep fry the balls. Here’s a pic🙂

A quick tip is that you don’t *need* to immerse the balls into oil completely, but it helps coz then you can actually see the colour change from white, to light brown to dark brown to black.

Also, the sugar syrup – if you don’t eat too much of the sweet syrup and only like the fried balls, adjust the quantity accordingly. The key is that the balls absorb enough of the syrup to be sweet – just as sweet as you want. Too much sugar and too much syrup advertised on the box could be overkill for you – so you might want to look at that while cooking.


Veg Manchurian

30 Mar

Been a while since I posted anything. Anyway, we ended up cooking some Veg Manchurian last week and it came out really really well. Dinesh made some veg fried rice as well and honestly, you wouldn’t say any of it was not hotel quality. It came out super super well.

Here’s the link to the recipe I followed, pretty much followed it exactly and here’s a couple of pictures of the food🙂


Coconut burfi

26 Jan

Been wanting to make this for a long time, the main reason being me having around half a cup of ground coconut powder in the freezer for er a while😉 and wanting to finish that off. Considering that the besan and rava laddoos came out quite well, there wasn’t any reason for this to get screwed – so I figured I’d give this a shot too.

I basically copied Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe except that I reduced the quanitites for all the components. 1 cup coconut powder, a little less than half a cup of sugar, a little cream, some cardamom powder and since it wasn’t binding too well – I added a little milk as well. Kept stirring till the mixture turned golden brown as mentioned, greased my cookie tray🙂 with a little oil – ghee😉 and poured the mixture over.

Made the entire mixture into little balls – for some reason the binding this time didn’t come out great – so I didn’t play around with it too much and just gave it a loose shape – so it wasn’t powdery and kept the tray inside the fridge so it’d harden a little bit.

It tastes quite good. Maybe some day I’ll make it again and get a perfect shape. No..who am I kidding – I don’t care too much as long as it tastes nice😉 – which it does.

Here’s a pic:



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